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Peste  zile,  ore,  minute si  secunde unde petreceti revelionul ? 

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  Welcome to FAST & MAGIC homepage!  
  Bine ati venit pe site-ul FastMagic ! 

Internet Service Provider  
                     Distribuitor Servicii Internet  

   SC FAST ELECTRONIC Link to Our Intro 
      E-mail :  fast@fastmagic.ecosoft.ro  

                               SERVICII INTERNET  
                                                           SC MAGIC COMPUTER  Link to Our Intro 
                                               E-mail : magic@fastmagic.ecosoft.ro 
  Webmaster : Veress István,  webmaster@fastmagic.ecosoft.ro 

     4700 ZALAU, Bd-ul  M.Viteazu A 42/5-6 Jud:  Salaj,  ROMANIAEUROPA, WORLD 

              Copyright © 1999 by   Fila +  Bt.,  Toate drepturile sustinute, Ultima modificare: 03. iulie 1999.