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Who we are and what we want ...

We are the best, at least we would like to be the best in this field...

What we do for this purpose ?

We put our customers' wishes above everything else, we try to keep our faithful customers and to win new ones using permanent discounts. We want to inform about our services in an area as large as possible, to build a distribution network.

For the time being we can offer information about companies registered in Hungary, but we are looking for possibilities to co-operate with partners offering a similar range of services for foreign companies...

Obviously we fulfil individual inquiries also, but we mainly act to build a distribution network, therefore most of the discounts are for distributors and we recommand for individual customers to apply for a distributor.

Discounts :

    if during a month the average inquiry/day > 100 USD, we offer a discount of 10% of the final amount;

    if during a month the average inquiry/day > 50 USD, we offer a discount of 5% of the final amount;

Who can be a distributor ?

    Everyone, who feels capability to build his own network. According to our experience, the most succesful are Hungarians living abroud, those who are involved in international trade, translators and interpreters with a large number of customers and, last but not least, those webmasters who are doing advertisment for us.

Should somebody decide to try her (his) capabilities in this field, we will help as much as possible and will give her (him) our full support.